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ScriptServe is not just a Pharmacy Management Solution. It’s the most modern and advanced Pharmacy Software for the Independent Pharmacy of the 21st century.

Modern. Advanced.

Leveraging the latest technology to date, from a new script to adjudication you’ll experience a breathtaking journey.

Safe and Secure

Quicker claims, cheaper transmission fees, better work flow and the support when needed, we got you covered.

All in One Apps

Cloud based with open API’s, we leverage powerful servers and software to bring your pharmacy to the modern age.

Get everything done
in one place

Prescriptions management


From a new Rx through final transmission and claim processing, ScriptServe walks you through the steps and makes a complex process simple.

From adding a new employee to successfully confirming a patient refill via SMS, ScriptServe makes the motions seamless.

Keeping proper inventory is paramount to any individual’s business, but in pharmacy, it’s the key to success. We built our own solution and integrate with many available options.


Keep your business
on track

What other services charge extra for and use third party softwares to do, ScriptServe enables seamlessly. Leveraging the gaps between antiquated and disconnected systems, ScriptServe performs an all-in-one operation. All with the pharmacy & patients in mind.

Integration with the
best supporting

Quicker transmissions, prior authorization solutions and digital mobility. We got you covered.

Built by a team of pharmacists and industry experts, we are building a solution that works like it was built in 2024.

Legacy systems are a thing of the past.

We created a better pharmacy

Using modern pharmacy software isn’t about being .NET based, installed on a local PC, and having as many hard-to-use features as possible. It’s about being cloud-based, accessible from anywhere, and with the core functionality working as smoothly as possible to enable good customer interactions, with the best available integrations, and seamless ease of use.

ScriptServe is all about this, from e-script to an amazing patient experience.

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